Martial Arts Training in Bucharest – Wushu Wudang

oct. 7, 2012 | Cursuri si antrenamente

Martial Arts Training in Bucharest – Wushu Wudang

oct. 7, 2012 | Cursuri si antrenamente

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arte martiale wudang pai Wushu Kung Fu


I was training in Wutao Kung Fu style for 19 years but I was feeling like something was missing. I wanted to get close to origins, to feel and experiment on my own the martial art along with the ones that created it. At that time I didn’t had any contact with a Chinese martial arts school so I dared to explore by my own. The destiny guided me to one of the most prestigious martial arts academy located at the Wudang Mountain which was led by Master Yuan Xiu Gang, one of the most respected masters helder of ancient fighting and inner cultivation techniques (the San Feng Pai)

2008 – 2011

Some of the older members of the Wudao Sports Club travel to the Wudang Mountain on the way opened in 2007 and the knowledge gained there raises the bar of the training sessions organized by the Wudao Sports Club


August – September

A new workshop is held at Mount Wudang. Master Yuan Xiu Gang welcomed us with hospitality again, just like the times before and helped us to improve our skills and to advance by learning new forms.

22 – 25 September

Master Ismet Himmet (a.k.a You Li Han) comes to Romania for an intensive workshop divided in two parts: one for all the students in which he introduced the basics of Wudang Xuan Wu Pai and one for the more advanced students and instructors for deepening the forms and aplications.

Ismet Himmet is the only foreigner who achieved such a high level in his martial arts so he’s been recognized as master by the Mount Wudang schools and so he was able to establish his own school right on the mountain. He also founded the Wudang Principles School in Germany which now has brances in all Europe.

1 October (National Day of China)

The Wudao Sports Club openes it’s first class committed to Wudang Kung Fu

At first we will train the basic skills just like we learned them in China. The training will start from the ground up by explaining basic stances, kicks and punches following that in time to gradualy introduce more advanced techniques, aplications, traditional forms and qigong.

On the summer timewe will organize workshops:

Bucegi Mountains – Romania | Black Sea – Romania | Berlin – Germany | Wudang Mountains – China

The training sessions are for adults (male & female) and teenagers (more than 14 years old)

Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday from 8-10 P.M.

Price: 80 RON/month (first session for free)

contact Alex Zucoc 0745.843.290




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