The 10 Ancestral Principles from Wudang Pai Workshop

aug. 7, 2012 | Diverse

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Stage Wudang Pai Romania 2012

Martial Arts and Spirituality – The 10 Ancestral Principles from Wudang

Workshop – 22 and 23 September

Striving to improve the abilities we have acquired through martial arts practice, a few years ago we have started to travel to China, in the Wudang Mountains more precisely, a region with a long tradition in the development of internal martial arts and spiritual practices.

Here we have discovered Wudang Pai or the Wudang School, a complex system of practices which train both body and spirit, and which have been passed on by the daoist masters along the centuries until now. Wudang Pai reunites many disciplines, including caligraphy, the study of ancient writings, music, martial arts, Qigong and meditation.

In one of our trips to the Wudang Mountains, we have had the opportunity to meet Ismet Himmet, an european teacher with a long experience in martial arts practice and, especially, in the styles taught in the Wudang region. Ismet Himmet has been doing martial arts for 26 years. He practiced many styles, such as : Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Wing Tsun, Shaolin Gongfu. From 2001, Ismet Himmet has started an intensive training in martial arts and spiritual practices from the Wudang Pai system, thus being accepted by the Great Master You Xuan De as a close disciple. He won numerous medals in Taijiquan competitions, and from 2010 he started to teach the Wudang Pai system mostly in China and, through intensive workshops, in Europe.

The mastery he shows when he exercises, together with his long practical and theoretical experience, made us appreciate and respect him. So we thought we should invite him to Romania so that even more people could benefit from his experience.

In the workshop he will present in Bucharest, Ismet Himmet will explain and practice the 10 Ancestral Principles, which are the foundation of martial and spiritual practices from Wudang Pai. Among these, there are: the meaning of the Yin-Yang Principle and the application of the Yin-Yang periods in the martial technics, the practice of Ba Gua trigrams as types of attack and defense in a fight, the meaning of the Theory of the 5 Elements which create and destroy each other, etc.

Ismet Himmet explains in a very clear way the usefulness and the value that his practice represents:

“The 10 Ancestral Principles are the soul of the Wudang Pai and give life to the styles, like breath animates humans. It is our wish to bring these principles in Wudang Shan back to life to make them accessible not only to chinese students but also to foreigners. Wudang Principles is a great chance for every martial artist to understand the essence behind his style because essentially they are all the same.”

Locatie: Liceul Economic Costin Kiritescu, sector 6 (cartier Militari)

Repere: Piata Veteranilor, Metrou Lujerului, Cora Lujerului, Complex Sir

Transport: Metrou Lujerului, Tramvai 41, Autobuz 178, 135, 336


Sambata 22 septembrie 14.00 – 17.00

Duminica 23 septembrie 14.00 – 17.00

Taxa de participare:

150 lei (pentru membrii clubului)

200 lei (cei din afara clubului)

Data limita de inscriere: 12 septembrie 2012

* dupa aceasta data, taxa de participare va fi de 250 lei

Taxa de participare se poate achita la unul dintre cursurile noastre sau prin transfer bancar, mentionand numele si scopul (Stagiu 22, 23 septembrie)

Asociatia Clubul Sportiv Wudao

Cod fiscal: 28149950

IBAN: RO29BTRL04601205W43430XX

Banca Transilvania, Sucursala Militari

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Tel: 0722.784.229


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